Before you choose a lawyer, it’s important to ask the immigration lawyer the questions. This ensures you are choosing the best one for the job. You may be wondering what the best and most important questions are, after all, choosing a lawyer just might be the most important decision an immigrant makes. Before you make this defining decision, here are five important questions to ask your potential immigration lawyer:

1. What types of immigration cases do you handle and have you handled cases similar to mine?

Immigration law contains a variety of specific areas like:  work visas, citizenship, green cards, and asylum to name a few. Some immigration lawyers focus on one area more than the others. Therefore, it is a good idea to ask about their area of practice and experience.

2. What do you charge in fees?

Since immigration law does carry such a variety of areas, some simpler than others, some cases may simply be a flat fee if they are very basic. Others are more complicated so there may be more fees such as hourly fees, filing fees, and so on. Ask what type of payment the lawyer accepts (Example: Are monthly payments okay?) and when you will be sent a bill. Find out if there are ways to minimize the cost by going over what each fee is for and if it will be used in your case. It is also a good idea to find out if any other expenses may come up during your case.

3. What do I need to bring to our first meeting?

Like any case, immigration cases require information. Prepare and have a list of documents, certificates, and files to produce.

4. What will be our first steps and what will follow?

To get a good mental picture of what is to come, don’t be afraid to ask your lawyer to give you an idea of what to expect, how long he or she thinks it may take, and how positive your prospects of success are.

5. Do you speak my language?

If your first language is not English, you may want to find out if your lawyer speaks your language or is willing to provide an interpreter for good and clear communication.

There’s no reason to hire the first lawyer you find in the Yellow Pages or online. To ensure you have the right attorney to protect your future, It is always a good idea to interview a few and ask as many questions as you can. A good place to ask for help, answers, and advice is Lee Immigration Law Group. Contact the Lee Law Firm today to ask an immigration lawyer your questions.