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Atlanta’s Best Immigration Attorneys

What happens during the deportation process?

If you’re a foreign national currently living in Atlanta, you may have concerns about being deported. This process can occur for many reasons, from criminal wrongdoing to visa violations. Having the right information is crucial if you’re facing deportation, and offers the following information.

Many people are placed in detention centers prior to their deportation hearings, which are heard by the U.S. Department of Justice. If it’s determined you will be deported you have the option of leaving the country of your own volition, otherwise the government will be responsible for your travel. In this case, you’ll be transported to your home country via air or ground, provided that your home country agrees to accept you and issue the appropriate travel documents.

At this point, you still have a few options. For instance, you may request an adjustment of status to remain in the country. This entails having a relative file a petition on your behalf or by claiming asylum, which is granted to those whose lives would be threatened upon return to their home countries. If you believe your rights have been violated, you can also file a complaint. Complaints are heard by the Department of Homeland Security, who will look into your immigration proceeding to determine whether there was wrongdoing.

You can also appeal your deportation. In this case, it’s best to have experienced legal assistance to guide your case, as immigration law is often quite complex. If the deportation is carried out, you can apply for readmission to the U.S. from your home country by filling out form I-212. You’ll also have to provide a filing fee of $930 as well as other documentation.