Atlanta’s Best Immigration Attorneys

Atlanta’s Best Immigration Attorneys

Waking up from the nightmare of deportation

We at the Lee Immigration Law Group know that, as an immigrant living in Georgia, official notification of deportation represents your worst nightmare. Should you receive such a notice, it is important to act quickly to try to counteract it. If your deportation ultimately results in removal, it is likely you will never be able to return to the United States. This could result in a permanent separation from close family members, including siblings, parents and even spouses.

However, certain circumstances may allow you to remain in the country on either a temporary or permanent basis despite notification of deportation or an order of removal. For example, some specific countries are not safe to return to, and if you are from one of these countries, it may be possible to for you to remain in the United States temporarily even after receiving an order of removal. Other circumstances that can stop the deportation process include the following:

  • Provable entry into the U.S. as a refugee
  • No record of a felony conviction
  • A minimum of five years’ lawful permanent resident classification

If any of these circumstances apply, you may be able to seek asylum, gain temporary protected status, cancel a removal or adjust your status.

If an immigration court decides against you in deportation proceedings, you have the right to appeal the decision. The legal process of challenging deportation is complicated and involves many steps. If handled poorly, the ramifications can be unimaginable. More information about deportation and removal is available on our website.