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Atlanta’s Best Immigration Attorneys

ICE workplace raids and other arrest and deportation procedures

Workplace immigration raids on businesses in Georgia and other states across the nation have occurred regularly since 2003. At Lee Immigration Law Group, we understand how you may need to assert your rights to remain working in the U.S. As reported by PBS, an Immigration and Customs Enforcement official is authorized to arrest and deport an individual only under certain conditions.

Generally, the ICE is prepared with a list of individuals they seek to detain and deport, a procedure which usually takes place at home or workplace. Many raids on workplaces do not happen, however, because of the lack of ICE resources. The majority of deportees are caught and arrested while engaging in illegal activities.

An undocumented immigrant accused of committing a crime may be arrested and deported while still detained in a county jail. The ICE and local jails and prisons maintain agreements to provide each other with information on a detained person. An offense committed past the date that a person is thought to have left the U.S. may result in an ICE arrest and deportation.

While 66% of the individuals arrested and deported are convicted criminals, it is the raids taking place at a warehouse or workplace that most immigrants are fearful of. An unexpected raid at your place of employment may raise legal issues if you choose to not answer an official’s questions. Your legal rights to remain in the U.S., however, are always protected, and you may wish to discuss certain issues ahead of a possible encounter.

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