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Carrying proper identification may help in preventing deportation

The law requires Georgia residents to carry proper identification such as a valid driver’s license or government-issued ID card. At Lee Immigration Law Group, we understand how important it is to assert your legal defense against deportation when detained without a proper ID. When a law enforcement official pulls you over for a routine traffic stop, he or she may place you in custody if you cannot verify your identity.

In one such case, a professional boxer living in Atlanta was a passenger in a car while on vacation in Florida. A law enforcement official stopped the vehicle allegedly because its taillights were out. When she asked everyone in the car for his or her ID, the boxer could not produce U.S. issued ID or documentation, as reported by WXIA-TV. He was, however, able to provide ID issued from Mexico.

Because the boxer could not show the official a card issued within the U.S., border patrol detained him. He remained in a Miami detention center for at least a week until officials released him back to his home in Atlanta.

The boxer’s record showed he had a prior conviction for criminal trespassing that occurred more than 10 years ago. Some convictions, such as fraud, robbery and aggravated DUI, are generally grounds for deportation. Other charges, however, may not result in deportation, especially if committed more than five years ago.

Since his prior conviction, the boxer married a U.S. citizen and had children. Due to his trespassing record, however, he is wary of applying for the necessary documentation and has concerns over possible detention and deportation. He has, however, begun working through the proper legal channels to obtain the documents he needs.

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