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Reasons for deportation from the United States

Some people who live in the United States but are not legal citizens have concerns surrounding deportation. Under the current administration, there is more focus on immigrants and removing them if they are not here legally. There are numerous reasons why deportation may occur, and it is important that people understand them. 

According to the US Daily Review, an obvious reason for deportation is when a person comes across the border illegally. However, deportation can occur even when someone is living in the states legally. Some people may not realize that not registering a new address with the Citizen and Immigration Services within 10 days of moving is a violation and makes one eligible for removal from the country. 

Not following the terms of a visa, such as working while here as a tourist or overstaying a visa’s term, are reasons for deportation. Removal may also occur if someone does not follow immigration laws or commits a crime. This is true for felonies as well as misdemeanors. Marriage fraud also makes someone eligible for deportation. 

People who hold a green card may not apply for public or government assistance within five years of entering the country. Doing so is reason for removal. 

According to the U.S. Government, those facing deportation have a few options. A family member can petition for the person to get a green card. If someone is afraid to return to their native country, he or she may apply for asylum. 

People may leave the country voluntarily after receiving notice of deportation, or they can go through the removal process. This includes possibly spending time in a detention center and going through a trial. If a judge rules on deportation, the native country must issue the proper travel documents before the immigrant leaves the United States.