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Election-year push leads to ban on immigrating from six countries

On Behalf of | Feb 5, 2020 | Immigration Law

Immigrants come to Georgia for employment purposes, to seek asylum and to work for a better life. With the election mere months away, President Trump has issued a ban on immigrants from six countries. This ban can affect those seeking asylum and companies looking to hire qualified professionals from out of the country.

President Trump issued the order Friday, January 31, 2020, and set to go into effect on February 21. Myanmar, Sudan, Eritrea, Tanzania, Kyrgyzstan and Nigeria have new sanctions limiting the types of visas their citizens can obtain. The president cited security reasons for the new ban.

The president suspended all immigrant visas from Nigeria, Kyrgyzstan, Nigeria and Eritrea including the diversity visa and those sponsored by businesses and family. Only diversity visas have been suspended for Tanzania and Sudan. Temporary visas such as those for tourists are not subject to the ban.

The president pushed for this latest move to further crackdown on immigration in light of the effects of the 2016 campaign promises in the run-up to the November election. Immigrants from Mexico have declined due to the birth tourism restrictions already put into place. However, there has been outrage over the order because the countries are predominantly Muslim.

For those seeking to permanently move to the country from these countries, it is imperative to apply for a visa before the ban goes into effect. An immigration attorney can help expedite the process of bringing a beloved family member over or securing a new employee. There is no current timeline for the cessation of the ban at this time.