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Atlanta’s Best Immigration Attorneys

How do I prepare for my asylum interview?

Asylum acceptance can be tricky, but it will be lifechanging if you succeed. Your asylum interview is one of the most important steps in the process. You must bring the correct paperwork and that could make a difference in your outcome.

Your asylum hearing could be key to your future. You want a positive outcome and you can take steps that can help ensure your application is not rejected. Your interview is important. It will establish your eligibility.

The correct materials and supporting documents are required

You should bring:

  • Identification (passports and travel or identifying documents)
  • Arrival/departure records you received when you arrived in U.S. (form I-94)
  • Original birth certificate, marriage certificate and other documents submitted with your application for asylum and your “Withholding of Removal” (I-589) form.
  • Copy of the I-589 form and materials submitted with your application.

You must support your application

You should also bring supporting documents not included in the application.

You can also bring an interpreter. If you want one, you must bring them to the hearing. You should also bring your spouse and children if they were included in your application. They should bring their own identification, travel and supporting documents.

If your documents are in any language other than English, you must bring translated copies. They must be certified by the translator as complete and correct.

There is a burden of proof

There will be important questions about your immigration status and if persecution. Can you demonstrate persecution happened or that it could happen if you return home? Those are important questions.

You can also bring an immigration attorney to the hearing. If you do, you must submit a Form G-28 (Notice of Entry of Appearance as Attorney or Accredited Representative).