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Do you qualify for an employment-based green card?

On Behalf of | Jul 16, 2020 | Visas

If you intend to work in Georgia as an immigrant, you will need a green card. There are different types of green cards to use in different situations. You must qualify for the one you are applying for.

If you are looking into work-based immigration, what then? You will want to look at employment-based green cards.

What are preference groups?

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services discusses green cards for employment-based immigrants. They note that potential recipients of these green cards get sorted into groups. These groups divide by preference. This determines who gets a green card first, and the reasons why this happens.

Applying for EB-1

First preference immigrants can apply for EB-1 green cards. This is for priority workers. It includes multinational managers. It includes executives who transfer to a branch in a new country. It includes professors or researchers who do outstanding work in their field. It can also include those with extraordinary abilities. These abilities must fall under education, business, science, the arts or athletics.

Applying for EB-2

Second preference immigrants may apply for the EB-2. This is for professionals who hold advanced degrees. Doctorates and Masters (or the equivalent) get particular preference. What if you have exceptional ability without an advanced degree? You may also earn consideration.

Applying for EB-3

Finally, there are third preference immigrants. This is the EB-3 category. This category includes skilled workers, tradesmen or professionals. Other workers also fall into this category. Immigrants in this category do not get as much consideration. But plenty of people still qualify for EB-3 green cards. If you do, you can apply for one, too.