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Why is asylum important?

On Behalf of | Jul 29, 2021 | Immigration Law

Many people seek the safety of the United States every year under a request for asylum. This type of immigration is not available to everyone. It has standards you must meet and stiff criteria to even apply.

The American Immigration Council explains an asylum is a form of immigration you may seek to help protect you against threats in your home country. If you seek asylum, you are a refugee.

Basic requirements

To seek asylum, you need to have a compelling reason why you cannot return to your home country. You need to show you are in danger if you do and your country’s government will not protect you properly. You also need to be facing these issues due to persecution based on your political beliefs, religion, race or membership in a social group.


An asylum is a form of protection. You are asking the U.S. to not send you back to a place where you may face serious physical harm or even death. Getting this status can allow you to make your home in the U.S. You will be able to work and even bring your family members here. You can travel in and out of the country, and you will get certain benefits, such as health insurance assistance.

Having this status will also allow you to be able to become a permanent resident after only a year. Then, four years later, you can become a citizen. Seeking asylum opens doors that otherwise may have been difficult to open.

Above all, asylum is important because it allows the U.S. to protect people from countries where human rights are not a priority.