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What questions can I expect on the citizenship test?

On Behalf of | Aug 13, 2021 | Immigration Law

To become a citizen of the United States as an immigrant, you will need to complete a civics test. The test will cover a range of topics about the way the U.S. government works and the history of the country.

Before taking the test, you should spend quite a bit of time studying. It can help to know what to expect from the test and the types of questions you may see.

General information

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services explains the civics test is 10 random questions from a list of 100. The test giver will choose which questions to ask you. You must get at least six of the questions correct to pass.

The USCIS will provide you with questions and answers to study. There may be multiple answers that are correct for each question, but you should study the preferred answers to ensure you get the questions correct.

Sample questions

Questions will cover a range of important civics topics. You will answer questions related to the government system. This may include naming branches of the government. Questions may also cover operations of the government, such as who can veto a bill, or naming specific people within the government at the time of your test, such as who your representatives are in the House of Representatives.

Questions may also cover rights as a citizen and responsibilities, such as voting. You may answer questions about democracy and the U.S. Constitution. They may also ask about federal holidays.

The test also covers history. You will need to know about the beginning of the country and how the U.S. won independence from Britain. The test questions may also touch on the expansion of the country.

Finally, the test will go over geography. You may have to name some states or talk about locations of states.

The test covers a wide amount of information. It is imperative to ensure you study the sample questions to give yourself the best chance at passing.