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What do I do if USCIS cancels my interview?

On Behalf of | Sep 10, 2021 | Immigration Law

After months of waiting for updates on your Green Card, finding out that USCIS has scheduled your interview can be cause for both excitement and relief. What if, after you make preparations to attend, USCIS sends another update that says they have canceled the interview? What do you do?

As frustrating as this situation might be, it is not uncommon. There are numerous reasons why USCIS might cancel a Green Card interview, and it may have nothing to do with an applicant. Sometimes, there is an administrative issue or a scheduling conflict. Regardless, here is what to do.

Read the letter carefully

When you receive the update, read everything carefully. Typically, USCIS first sends out cancelation notifications via applicants’ online accounts. After USCIS changes the online case status, the agency then mails physical letters. Whenever you receive a status change, make sure you understand what it is saying. You may need to respond. Find out more if you are unsure.

Keep an eye out for updates

Whether you simply need to wait for USCIS to reschedule a new interview or you need to respond to the interview cancelation, keeping an eye out for updates during every step of the process can keep you informed of what to expect. If you are unsure what to do, seeking out immigration resources in your community may be helpful.

Without a doubt, Green Card interview cancelations are frustrating, but you are not alone. Staying aware of your case status can help make things easier as you move forward through this journey.