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What are your rights as an asylum seeker?

On Behalf of | Oct 22, 2021 | Immigration Law

Asylum provides a great option for those in dangerous situations in their home country. When you flee from persecution and risk of harm, you have the option of seeking asylum in the United States, where you can start your life over.

But the preservation of your life and your ability to start anew is not the only benefit that seeking asylum can potentially provide.

Benefits and accessibility

The American Immigration Council discusses the potential benefits available through asylum. First, you will have certain rights as an asylum refugee seeker that will make adjusting to life and living in the country easier for you.

You have access to certain government programs and benefits, along with the right to work for employers legally in the country. You can travel outside of the country and return without running into any complex legal issues or facing the possibility of a denial of entry. In some cases, you may even have the ability to act as a sponsor so you can bring other members of your family over.

Your Social Security number

You gain a Social Security number as an asylee, which will help you apply for government benefits, jobs, and will also help you fulfill citizenship responsibilities like paying taxes. Remaining in the country for over a year as an asylee also opens up the chance for you to apply for lawful permanent resident status or your green card. This gives you more access to benefits, along with opening up the possibility of becoming a citizen after a four-year period of waiting if you are a lawful permanent resident.