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What is a provisional visa revocation?

On Behalf of | Jan 24, 2022 | Immigration Law

Individuals who hold non-immigrant visas for the purpose of working or studying in the United States are subject to a variety of laws that may affect their status. As such, those who violate immigration laws may have their visas revoked.

The Association of International Educators notes that American consular officers may invoke a provisional revocation of a non-immigrant visa, and this may take place under several different circumstances.

General revocation

A general revocation of a study or work visa is not always permanent and in some cases, the revocation is only temporary until the government reviews its validity. This covers instances such as whether the holder gained the visa through the proper means and whether he or she remains in good standing at the university or company involved with the visa. A consular officer may reverse this revocation at any time.

Pending revocation

Those who hold a non-immigrant visa are subject to an investigation related to their immigration status. Consular or other officials may alert the visa holder regarding this status as his or her visa information and status remain under review. The question of eligibility usually causes this type of revocation.

Failure to comply revocation

Visa holders who must use the Electronic Visa Update System but fail to do so or do not comply with the rules regarding that usage may have their visas revoked automatically. Those who allow their notice to comply date to pass may find their visas canceled or revoked. Under this type of revocation, the U.S. government is not required to give further notice once the notice expires.

Depending on individual circumstances, some visa holders may challenge a revocation. They may also apply for a new visa but cannot travel back to the United States until they receive it.