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Claim adjudication rule shift targets asylum cases

On Behalf of | Mar 25, 2022 | Uncategorized

Immigration law tackles a complicated amount of factors when determining eligibility and the stacks of paperwork and lines of people waiting grow by the day. This affects asylum seekers in particular who may have danger at their back as they wait for passage into the states.

Judges in immigration court have a lot on their plate when it comes to reviewing cases quickly and fairly. According to CNN Politics, a Biden administration rule change seeks to shift claim adjudication to asylum officers in order to reduce the burden on immigration courts.

A new workforce to face potential migrant surges

It is uncertain how much this new rule intends to change as many of the details have yet to come to light. The administration is still deliberating who the rule change applies to and what adjudication rights asylum officers may receive. Current estimates involve hiring 800 new employees to process around 75,000 asylum cases per year.

The primary aim is to deliver great efficiency to the asylum process without compromising due process. The US Citizenship and Immigration Services phase of the process may still take 90 days to determine credible fear. Should a claimant receive a denial, they may still appeal for a second review by an immigration judge under a new, streamlined process.

A new rule with unknown effects

Seeking asylum is never a cookie-cutter case. Anyone looking for it arrives in the U.S. with their own unique facts and background. When approaching asylum, it is important to have resources and information that help navigate the old laws and the new rule changes to help increase the chances of successfully requesting asylum.