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What are the three reasons for getting a green card?

On Behalf of | Aug 4, 2022 | Green Cards

America is an enviable nation, brimming with culture and opportunity. These factors motivate people around the globe to become United States citizens.

To live within its borders, immigrants must obtain a green card. Three eligibility rationales exist for applicants to pursue living in this great country.

1. Having a family connection

If someone has a blood relative that is a U.S. citizen, the relation can petition for permanent residency. These individuals could be parents, children or spouses. It is also possible for siblings and married children over 21 to sponsor a future patriot. Note that these cases generally take longer than others.

2. Contributing to the economy

Employment within American borders is another pathway to citizenship. An aspiring resident may get an offer of full-time work. The employer should request a labor certification form from the Department of State. Entrepreneurship is another way inside. The government welcomes capitalists whose dealings result in 10 or more permanent jobs. Best-in-class athletes, notable film directors and Nobel Prize winners are also acceptable candidates.

3. Needing asylum

The globe is always in turmoil. America helps asylum-seekers from those trapped in war-torn territories. It also aids those whose lives are under threat because of extreme poverty. Refugees may enter the country without a green card. That said, they must apply for citizenship within a year of arrival. The same offer applies to family members of fleeing immigrants.

Green cards are highly desirable throughout the planet. Persons wanting one should know which category matches their specific life circumstances.