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Improving your chances of passing the naturalization test

On Behalf of | Jan 10, 2023 | Immigration Law

The naturalization test comprises an English portion and a civics portion that you must pass to move on to the next step of U.S. citizenship. Whether or not you pass the test will depend heavily upon your preparation.

Starting your preparation well in advance of the test will provide ample time to master the concepts. When you know how to prepare effectively, you might improve your chances of passing.

Speak English

A big portion of the naturalization test will focus on your ability to read, write and comprehend the English language. Arguably the most effective way to prepare for this part of the test is to speak English. While you might feel more comfortable speaking your native language, do your best to use English whenever possible. Regular practice will improve your comprehension and your confidence.

Download resources

You can find a multitude of testing resources available in online forums. Downloading these resources will give you something tangible to work with. You can use highlighters or colored pens to organize and prioritize your study. According to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, you have two tries to take both portions of the naturalization test.


The length and depth of practice tests might overwhelm you. However, make it a point to take these practice tests regularly as part of your studying routine. Having a solid idea of the types of questions you could need to answer, as well as what the testing content appears like can help you prepare in the most effective way possible.

Making time to prepare for the naturalization test can give you the confidence you need to answer questions correctly. Your effort now may provide you with the tools you need to attain citizenship later.