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Can I reenter the US after a deportation order?

A deportation order is a serious matter, but it doesn’t always mean you can never return to the US. The government may allow you to appeal the order with the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) within a specific timeframe. Should the BIA uphold the order, you may have to leave the US after all. However, you may be able to reenter after several years, depending on the following factors.

Reason for deportation

Immigration authorities may order your removal for several reasons, such as committing a crime, violating the terms of your immigration status, or posing a security threat. The reason behind your deportation may also affect the time you must wait before you can reenter the country. For instance, being guilty of an aggravated felony entails a longer wait than a lesser charge.

Actions after the order

How you respond to the order may affect the government’s decision regarding your ability to return to the US. Those who chose to leave voluntarily may be able to return sooner than those who decided to fight the decision and ended up with a deportation order anyway.

Number of violations

The more times you return to the US and commit a violation that warrants a removal order, the harder it becomes to convince the government that they should allow you to stay. For this reason, repeat offenders may have to wait longer for reentry than those receiving a deportation order for the first time.

Mode of reentry

If you decide to reenter the country illegally after receiving a removal order, you may suffer heavier penalties. The government may even permanently ban you from admission.

US immigration laws are complex, and violations can have significant consequences. If you receive a deportation order, clearly understanding these laws will help you respond appropriately and avoid further trouble.