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Crimes that can cause a non-citizen’s removal from the U.S.

On Behalf of | May 30, 2024 | Immigration Law

The United States has strict laws regarding crimes that can lead to the removal of non-citizens.

These laws aim to protect public safety and ensure that individuals who break the law face consequences.

Aggravated felonies

According to the Center for Immigration Studies, in October 2023, 15% of the U.S. population were immigrants. Aggravated felonies represent one of the most serious categories. This term covers a wide range of crimes, including murder, rape and sexual abuse of a minor. Conviction of an aggravated felony almost always results in removal.

Crimes involving moral turpitude

Crimes involving moral turpitude refer to acts that violate the community’s standards of honesty and morality. These crimes include theft, fraud and certain violent offenses. If a non-citizen commits one of these crimes within five years of entering the U.S. and receives a sentence of one year or more, removal becomes a likely consequence. Multiple convictions of these crimes, regardless of when they occur, can also lead to removal.

Drug offenses

Drug offenses pose another significant risk for non-citizens. Simple possession of controlled substances can result in removal, particularly if the substance is a controlled one like cocaine or heroin. More severe drug offenses, such as trafficking or distribution, almost guarantee removal. Marijuana possession, although legal in some states, remains a federal offense and can lead to removal under federal law.

Domestic violence and protective order violations

Domestic violence crimes include physical harm, threats or harassment against a partner or family member. These crimes can trigger removal, especially if they involve serious injury. Violating protective orders also falls into this category. Courts take these violations seriously, and non-citizens face removal if found guilty.

Firearm offenses

Firearm offenses include illegal possession, use or sale of firearms. The U.S. has stringent regulations on firearm control, and breaking these laws can result in severe penalties, including removal. Non-citizens must follow all federal and state laws regarding firearms to avoid these consequences.

Fraud and false documents

Using false documents or committing fraud to obtain immigration benefits can also lead to removal. This includes using fake green cards, passports or Social Security numbers. The government treats these offenses with high severity due to the potential security risks they pose.

Non-citizens should be aware of the types of crimes that can lead to their removal.