Are you wondering who you can turn to for green card help? Just being new to a country is tough enough. Complicated immigration laws are difficult for the typical person not trained in law to understand. If you throw in extra challenges like possible financial difficulty and language barriers, progress can sometimes seem impossible.

The quick answer to the question this post poses is “anyone you want.” You can receive help from whoever is willing to give it. The only question is whether it will be the sort of help that will benefit you.

For instance, your local librarian could help you fill out your green card application. But what if something goes wrong with the application? The consequences could be beyond stressful for you and your family. After all, your librarian is skilled at the English language and office administration but is probably not up to date on the latest immigration laws.

Other Help

You can receive help from family or friends who have already obtained their green cards. They will be a valuable support system. They know firsthand the challenges of becoming established in a new country; they also understand your unique cultural background and still remember some of the basics of the process for obtaining a green card.

Your employer or a non-profit organization may be able to offer help as well. The challenge is that you need the highest quality assistance right away. That’s why an attorney is the best person to help you to get your green card.

An Attorney Is Your Best Green Card Help Now

Although there are many other people out there who can aid you with the green card process, none of them are as well-equipped to do so as an immigration attorney. It’s important to mention that you are not required to have an attorney when pursuing a green card. However, there are some clear benefits you will receive by hiring one.

Immigration Attorneys Can Assist Immediately

Family, employers and other possible green card support helpers are all busy with their schedules. They want to help you but cannot always do so. On the other hand, immigration attorneys spend their entire week assisting people just like you.

In some cases, immigration attorneys once had to acquire a green card for themselves and their families. They are someone you can talk to quickly so you get the answers you need. Their passion and desire helps you do the following:

  • Become more established
  • Experience a higher quality of life
  • Feel secure in your residency status

Immigration Attorneys Have the Best Understanding of Green Card Rules

A lack of knowledge is the greatest challenge for those obtaining a green card and those who try to help them. Even your family and friends won’t remember all that went into getting a green card. That is because it can be a confusing process, one that contains many complicated steps. Besides, even if they did remember everything, the laws and rules have likely changed since they applied for their green card.

Immigration attorneys spend years studying laws relevant to your situation. They have more knowledge than anyone else you could contact. They desire to see you succeed and can put you on the fast track to do so. An immigration attorney will walk you through everything you need to know to obtain your green card.

Immigration Attorneys: A Professional Advocate

By hiring an attorney, you will have a professional to represent you publicly and privately. This powerful advice and guidance will give you more authority and better results. Clearly, your best option for quick green card help is an immigration attorney.

At Lee Law Firm, we are proud to serve the Atlanta area for any immigration needs Georgia residents have. We can walk you through the process for obtaining a green card step-by-step and are always happy to answer your questions. We view you as more than just a number; we care about your case and want to help you to complete each step correctly, so you can achieve the optimal results as quickly as possible. You don’t have to go through the process alone!

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