The basic process to petition for a family member green card is a bit involved. You have to file the right applications at the right time, in the right order. You also need to provide proof that you have the financial means needed to support your immigrating family members. There is another way, though. The other option is to be a green card holder yourself, or to have another U.S. citizen sponsor eligible family members.

Family members who are immigrating to the United States:

● Must obtain specific authorization for employment in order to have the right to work anywhere in the U.S.,
● Can apply for U.S. citizenship after they meet the residential requirements.

What Are the Qualifications to Petition for a Family Member Green Card?

There are two types of relatives who qualify to petition for a family member green card:

1. Immediate Relatives
Your immediate relatives are those closest to you. They include spouses, unmarried minor children, and parents sponsored by an adult (21+ years-old) citizen of the USA.

2. Family Preference Relatives
There are four different classifications of people categorized as Family Preference Relatives:

● A U.S. citizen’s unmarried minor children
● Spouses and unmarried minors of green card holders
● Children with spouses who are citizens of the USA (no matter what their ages)
● Siblings of United States citizens who are 21+ years old

Strict Rules to Follow to Petition for a Family Member Green Card

It is important to follow the rules involved with petitioning for a family member green card. Green cards for family members come with rights and responsibilities. Here are some important guidelines to keep in mind regarding the family member green card:

● Family members who are already living in the United States can sponsor relatives who want to come here to work and live.
● Illegal employment while petitioning for a family member green card is a severe violation of the rules. It could result in deportation.
● For someone who has a student visa, spending over 20 hours per week working at a job during the school year is strictly forbidden.

The types of jobs that are on a student visa which are unlawful include:

● Having a job where your wages are under the table, such as babysitting, yard work or miscellaneous tasks.
● Any position with the exception of the work on campus, is also against the rules.

With that said, here are some actions to follow if you wish to petition for a family member green card:

● There are provisions for United States citizens to sponsor certain family members, including parents, children, and siblings.
● Green card holders, however, can only sponsor spouses and minor children.
● Family members who intend to seek citizenship must be related to a citizen of the United States.

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