If you want to obtain an employer sponsorship visa, you are not only paving the way to a great opportunity for yourself, but also to United States employers as there are many employers in the United States willing to hire outside of the country to find the help they need. The two main factors to consider first when looking for an employer sponsorship visa are:  1.) know what kinds of visas are accessible; and 2.) find an employer consenting not only to hire you but to be your petitioner during the course of application for your visa. You may not begin the process of obtaining an employer sponsorship visa before you have obtained an employer.

Some important steps to take to get started on your journey to acquiring the employer sponsorship visa are:

Identify potential employers.

Search on the Internet or at local immigration offices for want ads placed by businesses and companies looking for vast amounts of employees. The most promising ads are from businesses that have been advertising for the same position for a long time. Larger businesses needing greater amounts of employees may also be more likely to consider sponsorship for your visa. However, that being said, don’t count out smaller potential employers either. Make sure your search is broad, as well as thorough. The search may be time-consuming, but it is worth it when you find the right sponsor and job.

Take advantage of connections.

Network with people near and far from you. Ask if they or anyone they know might be in a position to hire and sponsor you. By contacting as many people as possible, you will widen your net and get to know as many people as possible who can help you find a sponsor.

Do your research.

Be wise about your future. Research the company or business you find during the course of your search prior to contacting them or applying for a position. Make sure these employers are familiar with the process of hiring foreign employees. Your future employer needs to be willing to learn and follow the required steps.

Keep your skills close in mind when applying.

There are actually several different types of work visas available.  Work visas range from nurses and agricultural workers to ministers and artists or even athletes. These will be helpful when looking for an employer to suit your desires and skills.

Engage in clear and consistent communication.

If you have an employer willing to sponsor you, keep an open up a line of communication. There are different ways to do this, such as sending a resume or asking a mutual friend or contact to reach out to them. If the employer provided specific instructions for you on applying for the job or contacting him/her, be sure to follow them carefully and exactly as requested.

Get legal assistance.

Throughout the process of getting an employer sponsorship visa, having professional assistance from a lawyer will be a tremendous benefit. Your lawyer can advise on the right steps to take and answer questions to help clear up any confusion. It can be an overwhelming process, but having the right legal assistance on your side makes all the difference. A great attorney provides peace of mind as you move forward.

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