Family based green cards for parents are also known as “lawful permanent residence” cards.  Parents are regarded as “immediate relatives” under immigration law. This means there is no restriction on the amount of green cards permitted to be given out in this division annually. This brings the perk of not having to deal with a slow moving waiting list to the application process.

You must prove you have adequate income to sponsor your parents while also providing for yourself and your family.  This is to ensure your parents will not become probable to require income-based assistance from the United States government.

To begin the process of obtaining green cards for your parents you’ll need to follow a few important steps:

  1. You will need to obtain and complete a form called “Petition for Alien Relative” or Form I-130. You can obtain this form from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services or USCIS. This form is basically designed to prove you are a US citizen and you share a child-parent relationship. If you want to bring both of your parents into the US, you will need to complete two individual petitions.
  2. Once your petition(s) are approved by the USCIS, they will give your file to a US consulate in your parents’ homeland. Then your parents will be advised to submit the application forms and documentation required of them. During this time, you will also need to turn in an “Affidavit of Support” on Form I-864.
  3. Once this process is complete the consulate will contact your parents to notify them to come in for an interview. At this point, their immigrant green card visas should be approved. With their visas, they should be able to now enter the United States and reach the state of becoming lawful permanent residents.
  4. The process will be different if your parents are already in the United States.  However, they must be here through legal entry. This kind of process is referred to as an “adjustment of status.” There will be similar forms like above to fill out by both parties.

Get the Help You Need

When considering obtaining a family based green card for parents, you might want to consider an immigration lawyer to help you with the steps required. Lee Immigration Law Group has the experience and answers you need. If you are seeking help with family based green cards for parents, call (404) 892-8300 to schedule a free consultation.