One of the concerns we get the most inquiries about is in regards to family based green card interview questions. After the government receives your family-based adjustment of status application, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) will schedule a time for you and your family to answer some family based green card interview questions. The interview will be at the closest office to your location, but that doesn’t guarantee the office itself is local.

What to Expect When Answering Family Based Green Card Interview Questions

While each set of family based green card interview questions is unique, they do tend to follow a certain pattern. Based on our years of experience, here is what you can probably expect to happen at yours:

  • You’ll arrive at the office, show your notice and photo ID to security, and pass through an x-ray and metal detectors. Much like at the airport, this process does take time, so plan accordingly.
  • Once through security, you’ll enter the waiting area. Many other applicants will likely be present. You will wait until your name is called, then follow the case officer.
  • Once you reach their desk, they will again check your IDs. This is normal. You’ll then be asked to recite an oath promising to tell the truth. Upon completion, they’ll review all passports, work permits, SSN card, and so on.
  • After the oath and IDs, comes the written paperwork. They’ll go through it with you, asking you various questions about the facts, and taking a look at the medical and fingerprint reports. They are checking to make sure none of your information makes you ineligible.
  • For couples applying based on marriage: This is the point they start asking you family based green card interview questions about your married life. The questions usually start politely, verifying background info like where you met, how long you’ve been together, why you decided to get married, who attended your wedding, and so on. This is the point where you prove your marriage is not a sham and your relationship is legitimate.
  • For couples under suspicion: If the officer suspects a marriage might be a sham, they will bring in the Fraud Unit. You and your spouse will be interviewed separately, and the family based green card interview questions are likely to be very personal and in-depth. They will be comparing the responses between you and your spouse, looking for any signs your life together is manufactured.
  • If other minor problems are revealed during your application process (i.e. missing documents, forms filled out incorrectly, etc.) you may have the opportunity to correct the mistakes, and/or submit additional documentation within a certain time frame.

Will Your Green Card Application Be Approved Immediately After Answering All Of The Family Based Green Card Interview Questions?

One of the family based green card interview questions that you might want to ask is “Will my green card application be approved?” At this point, you are likely to find out if your application is approved, or if it requires further review. If approved, you’ll receive a letter from USCIS for your records. It does not guarantee a green card, nor does it serve as permission to travel or obtain other green card related benefits. However, you should receive your actual green card in the mail within several weeks. Depending on the type of approval you received, you may have to file again after a certain period of time.

It’s worth mentioning that hardly anyone is denied at the end of the interview, and only some are fully approved; the most likely outcome is they will take time to further review your submission and then make a decision.

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