While you can typically find free immigration advice in a variety of places, especially online, one has to make sure that it is also good, free immigration advice. With today’s modern age of downloading millions of pages of free advice on pretty much any subject, it can be hard to separate the good advice from the bad advice.

If you are looking for free immigration advice, below are some of the places you might be tempted to look and some information to keep in mind as you search:

Search Engines

We all know that Google, Bing, and Yahoo can be our best sources of information; however, it is important to understand that search engines only take you so far on finding the right kind of information. Search engines often run ads pertaining to what you are looking for. This means the link will only take you to a place trying to sell you something. Also, search engines by no means sort out the good advice from the bad advice; their job is solely to find you information from the Internet based upon your entered key words.

Immigration Websites

When visiting a website, start by asking yourself a few questions when scrolling though the site.  Is the website I’m visiting professional looking? Does it have a place where I can read comments from people who have visited the website or received immigration representation? Are there any sources of certification, such as education background, scholarly organizations, or history of cases listed?

Online Chat Rooms

There is nothing wrong with visiting a chat room or other social media outlet that specializes in immigration situations. However, keep in mind that most of the people you are talking to are likely not professionals. Something else to consider is that while they may have some helpful insight, every immigration case is as unique as each individual seeking some kind of immigration visa is unique. Their situation could be different than yours, which means their advice might not necessarily apply to you.

Immigration Lawyer Consultations

Many lawyers will offer a free consultation. If you choose to take advantage of having one, take some mental notes about the lawyer you are meeting with. If a lawyer ever encourages dishonesty or anything unethical, you can be sure they are not offering you good advice, regardless of whether or not they are charging you for it.

All this being said, don’t lose hope on finding good immigration law advice for free. There are many reputable websites as well as immigration lawyers who are happy to help those in need of advice.

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