While you are not required to hire a green card attorney when applying for an immigrant visa or green card in the U.S., many find that having the professional guidance is essential to their success and peace of mind during the process. Furthermore, many immigration cases are rather complex and can be difficult to maneuver without the right legal assistance. The last thing you want to worry about when applying for a visa or green card is that you might be handling part of your case incorrectly, messing up your chances for a speedy application process.

If you are trying to decide if you need to hire a green card attorney for your personal situation, consider these five reasons hiring a green card attorney might help your case:

1. Save time getting a green card.

Time is something none of us seem to have enough of. And, time is something you’re going to have to be willing to give to obtain a green card. While some cases take much longer than others, the only way to be sure you are saving as much time as possible is to have help from someone who can help you save it. Green card attorneys are a sure fire way to make sure the process moves as swiftly as possible.

2. Deal with immigration complications.

No one likes to hear this word when dealing with an immigration case. No One. Immigration law is infamous for being extremely complicated, which can in turn lead to some road blocks you need to plow past or work around. If you go at the process alone, it can be challenging and downright scary to navigate through complications on your own. For some, it is well worth it to avoid this scenario altogether by hiring an attorney before you even begin.

3. Breeze through green card paperwork.

Applications and paperwork are just part of the process. You may want to consider hiring a green card attorney simply to avoid being buried in paperwork. The dozens of papers may be difficult to understand, and it may be very overwhelming; but with legal help it can be very manageable.

4. Get professional advice about your green card.

Sometimes advice is worth more than gold. Hiring a green card attorney means that you will have advice to not only help you go through the process (no matter what stage you are at) but also through the next steps you take once you obtain your green card. This legal support also helps you to obtain a better understanding of your role in the U.S. and what is expected of you.

5. Get immigration help in the future.

There is more to hiring a green card attorney than just for the “now” in your life. Sometimes obtaining a green card means you may need help in the future for reapplying for your green card, helping a family member obtain a green card, and many other reasons pertaining to your green card status.

While a green card attorney can’t go through the process for you, one can certain help you go through the process more smoothly and make sure you aren’t alone for the journey into the U.S. You don’t have to search for the answers about a green card attorney on your own; call (404) 892-8300 to contact the Lee Law Firm now and get the help and support you need.