Are you trying to understand the requirements for green card eligibility? A green card allows people who are not citizens of the US to live and work in the US. The truth is green card eligibility can come in a variety of ways. Some ways of obtaining a green card may take longer than others. In some cases, obtaining a green card can be a complex and tedious process.

To ease your anxiety as you strive for green card eligibility, it is important to remember the amount of time it takes is rarely precise when going through this kind of process. The time required depends greatly on the type of green card for which you apply. In some instances, it can take less than a year. While in other situations, it can take up to several years.

To provide some clarity on the subject, here are four broad categories for green cards to help you know what to expect:

1. Employment

Those who desire green cards through employment have the opportunity to apply for a green card through this venue via a list of preferences. The requirements for this option include first finding a sponsoring employer then going through an application process.

2. Family Based Green Cards

The relatives of US citizens, or immediate relatives, do not have much hold up when it comes to obtaining a visa, nor is there a limit to the amount of visas given in this category per year. Immediate relatives are parents of United States citizens, husbands and wives of United States citizens, and children who are under the age of twenty-one and not married. The requirements for this process include filing an application and providing proof of United States citizenship in addition to proof of family relation.

3. Refugee Status or Asylum

If a foreign person declared a refugee or an approved family member is in the United States, they are obligated to apply for a green card after one year. These process requirements begin with an application to either apply for a green card or for an adjustment in status.

4. Marriage Based Green Card

If a United States citizen marries someone from another country, they are eligible for a green card. The requirements for this process include an application, proof of marriage, and usually an interview with an immigration official.

5. Alternative Methods

The majority of immigrants obtain green cards to live in the United States through the methods mentioned above.  However, there are quite a few other methods in which to obtain a green card. You should speak with a lawyer to determine which category is right for you if these don’t meet your needs.

If you are seeking a green card or one for a family member, consulting with an immigration lawyer about your options and eligibility will benefit your situation greatly and can even speed up the process. Call (404) 892-8300 to contact the Lee Law Firm now with your questions about green card eligibility.