If you’re wondering how to get a student visa before fall semester, it is comforting to know this is typically not a lengthy process. You should be able to obtain a student Visa in time as long as you apply in time and are aware of the U.S. student immigration policy.

If you believe you may qualify or would like to apply for an F-1 student visa, the very first step is finding an approved school or university in the United States to accept you. For each United States government-approved school, there is a designated school official, also known as a DSO. The DSO carries the main responsibility for handling foreign students. Needless to say, the DSO at your chosen university is a helpful person to know.

Some of the steps beyond obtaining approval from the university or school is to get a student visa include:

Forms, forms and more forms

Once you have your confirmation of acceptance to the school, you will have a few forms to fill out. Its important to make sure the spelling of your name and information is the same on every form and document. The United States has a new online non-immigrant visa application form (DS-160). It is very important that you apply for your visa with plenty of time before your studies start. If at all possible, you should apply at least three months before you plan to enter the United States for your studies. This will help you have plenty of time just in case there are any delays in your visa process.

Fees and preparations

You will need to have an interview for your visa and there will be some fees to pay as well. Is possible for student visas to have up to 120 days before the date on your I-20 form. You can obtain what you need for fall registration in time if you begin the process as soon as possible.


You need to prepare for your interview. It helps if you think of the interview as you would a job interview. Dress suitably and arrive a little early. Remember that first impressions are essential; practicing giving answers to questions that may be asked is very helpful. If you are unable to speak English well or at all, it is okay for you to request an interpreter as being able to speak English is not required for you to attend school in the United States.

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