Does it make a difference whether you choose a local immigration lawyer or not? After all, immigration laws are federal and pretty well universal. While it is true immigration laws are federal, it is indeed quite important to seriously consider hiring local when looking for help with your immigration case. How important is it? Working with someone who is living and working in Alpharetta and the surrounding communities can make a big difference in your case for some of the following reasons:

One on One Contact

You wouldn’t see a doctor over the internet or telephone. Just as with your doctor, your immigration lawyer is important to the health of your citizenship, visa, and immigration status and you should be able to meet face to face with him or her.


You don’t want to drive a long way to meet with your lawyer nor do you want to wait around for documents to arrive to you from across country, nor do you want to pay to have them mailed at a higher and faster rate. It is also a great peace of mind to have a lawyer available when you need them, whether for a long or short consultation or quick communication.


Lawyers who are local will have the distinctive upper hand over lawyers who aren’t simply because of the accord and built relationships with the local judges, their staff, other court officials, and the local U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) district office, along with knowing their personalities and how to appeal to them for you and your case.


You want a lawyer with a strong sense of perception and familiarity with the community, so he or she can see all the unique angles of your case.


When you are looking and considering local, it is quite easy to find character references and research your prospective lawyer’s past cases. Reputable lawyers have one important thing in common, experience and value which is earned through hard work which, in turn, can make or break your case.


Hiring local will save you money in travel (for you and paying for your lawyer to travel to you if needed) and other costs relating to distinct distances.

Finding a local immigration lawyer can be a rather daunting, intimidating, and overwhelming task. Even with a sense of the importance and urgency, you still have to find one, ask your questions, explain your case, and get help. The good news for you is that you don’t have to find answers about local immigration lawyers on your own. The team at Lee Law Firm is here to answer your questions.  We believe we have a good local immigration lawyer to meet your needs, so contact the Lee Law Firm now, and get help.