Obtaining a green card can come about in various ways for various reasons. However, if you go about it the wrong way, such as with a marriage based green card, you can wind up in big trouble. Walk down the green card aisle for the wrong reasons and you will face major problems in the future. Being in the know on this particular topic can prevent you from making the wrong decision.

3 reasons a marriage based green card can get you in trouble are:

  1. You must undergo an interview with a United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) representative. Both you and your spouse will be expected to know the answers to all their questions without question.
  2. You will be required to provide things such as photographs, a marriage license, and bank statements. Also, monthly bills, and other various documents with you and your spouse’s name on them to prove time spent together and shared residency. Furthermore, you will need to provide proof of a lengthy relationship prior to marriage.
  3. You will need to provide documentation on how you entered the United States. That’s the only way to avoid a red stamped “Denied” on your green card application.

Also, you must understand that if any “red flags” are raised with your marriage to USCIS, like not reaching your second anniversary or if you are found to be living at separate residences, you will be called in for a fraud interview, which is not a good sign for your green card case. Red flags can even result from one wrong answered question. If there are any suspicions about your marriage, you can expect to be put in separate rooms from your spouse and questioned extensively. Should any inconsistencies surface, you can expect some serious problems.

When you choose to get married only to obtain a green card and are caught, you could face:

  • Imprisonment: Did you enter into a marriage to a United States citizen only to obtain a green card? You could face a minimum of five years in prison if a your marriage is not found to be authentic. This is likely not what you had in mind for your time in the U.S.
  • Fines: If your marriage is found to be fraudulent, you could literally pay a fine up up to $250,000.
  • Double Trouble: You could face both of the penalties and have to pay the fine and serve time.

There are several risk-free ways to obtain a green card other than marrying a citizen of the United States. If you only see hearts for residing in the U.S., consulting with an immigration lawyer about your options is the best way to go. For a complimentary, confidential consultation about marriage based green card, call the Lee and Peynado Law Firm at (404) 892-8300 now.