At Lee & Peynado Immigration Law Group, we solidly urge anyone coming up against deportation and removal proceedings to obtain representation from an experienced immigration lawyer. The deportation and removal process brings unimaginable ramifications if handled poorly. Long lasting or even permanent separation can arise in families, impacting the daily lives of everyone involved. People brought up in the United States could be made to leave their deported husband or wife, mother or father, brother or sister to travel to an unknown place that is unfamiliar to them. It is also highly likely the person deported will never be permitted to return to the United States.

Deportation cases and removal cases require specific understanding and wisdom to navigate and leverage vital court decisions in numerous distinct federal court processes. An attorney knowledgeable in the interpretation of laws pertaining to immigration policy and regulations can help you understand all that is happening.

Deportation has numerous steps that are complex and difficult to understand. It begins with an official notification and could wind up with a removal order. Even if you are in the process now and the development of your case has been pointing towards removal, there are ways to avoid the devastating process. Some of the most prevalent are cancellation of removal, adjustment of status, temporary protected status, and asylum. Cancellation of removal basically means your removal is cancelled or stopped. Some ways you may be able to obtain any of the above in your case are:

  • You have resided in the United States for seven years or longer after you were allowed into the U.S.
  • You have been classified as a lawful permanent resident for a minimum of five years.
  • You have never been found guilty of a felony.
  • You are able to prove you entered into the United States as a refugee.
  • Even if you have been given an order for removal, it may be possible for you to be allowed to remain temporarily in the U.S. if you are from a specific country that has yet to be declared safe for you to return to.

It is important to remember that all of these options for aid in your case will only be accomplished by following many intensive and strict steps. The attorneys at Lee & Peynado Immigration Law Group are well equipped to guide you as our client as we go through your deportation and removal case together.

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