Family based green cards come with numerous rights and allowances and it is through a family member already in the United States that someone is sponsored for work and residency. That being said, United States citizens are able to sponsor their children, parents, and brothers and sisters; however, people holding a green card may only sponsor their spouses and children, who must be single and under the age of twenty-one. This ultimately means that family members intending to apply for citizenship must be related to a citizen of the United States. There are two areas in which a family immigration visa may be used for bringing family members into the United States:

1) Immediate Relatives

The spouses, unmarried children under the age of twenty-one, and parents being sponsored by a United States citizen over the age of twenty-one.

2) Family Preference Relatives

Under this visa branch, relatives come in four different groups:

• Unmarried children of U.S. citizens
• Husbands and wives as well as unmarried children under the age of twenty-one belonging to green card possessors
• Married children regardless of age to U. S. citizens
• Brothers and sisters of U.S. citizens that are over twenty-one years of age

Some of the general requirements of securing and holding a family based green card are filing the proper applications, being a green card holder already or having U.S. citizen sponsor eligible family members, and having proof of financial means to support immigrating family members. Some of the benefits are the immigrating family members are not required to obtain employment authorization, they have the right to pursue work anywhere in the United States, they have the ability to apply and become a United States citizen upon meeting the proper residential requirements, as well as being physically close to your family.

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