Choosing to work with Lee & Peynado Immigration Law Group means you will have a supportive, experienced legal team on your side to guide you through the process of obtaining temporary and permanent visas.

Whether you need to obtain a temporary visa or permanent visa to remain in the United States, it’s important to understand the process is complex and, at times, quite confusing. There are procedural laws and requirements a visa applicant must follow in order to stay without risk of arrest or deportation. There are also many different kinds of temporary and permanent visas available. With all of these complexities, it makes sense to work with an experienced legal team who can guide you and advise you for best results.

Depending on the purpose for your entry into the U.S., there is a visa that is right for your unique situation, but how can you know for sure which one is best? Let our experienced attorneys, paralegals and assistants at Lee & Peynado Immigration Law Group analyze your situation and make recommendations for you, so you can be certain you are applying for the correct type of visa.

Customized Legal Help to Meet Your Needs

Perhaps you are working the U.S. and need a temporary visa until your project is complete. Or maybe you are an employer who needs advice and representation with an employment-based immigration issue. Or perhaps you need a permanent visa, also known as a Green Card, because your family is living in the U.S., or you are getting married to an American. Each of these situations requires a different type of visa and involves different requirements and applications.

Lee & Peynado Immigration Law Group delivers customized legal help. We will assess your unique situation and determine which visa is right for you and then help you to move through the application process to reach your desired objective.

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Due to our small size and focused representation we are able to deliver extraordinary personalized service to both individuals and corporations.

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