If you are considering an education in the United States as an immigrant, it is in your best interest to consider working with a student visa lawyer. The process involved in acquiring a student visa can be complex and time-consuming. So, it is best to have a professional on your side.

United States’ immigration laws allow for foreign students to enter into the U.S. as full-time students at universities or other accredited academic institutions. US immigration laws also allow you to enter as students at language training programs. As you begin the process of applying for a student visa, keep in mind these seven ways a student visa lawyer can help you through the process:

  • Determining your eligibility

Even if you do not desire to come into the United States as a full-time student, you will still need a student visa if you are coming to attend seminars, conferences, or a short study program. The most common student non-immigrant visa is F-1.  A student visa lawyer will help you to determine which one is right for your situation.

  • Determining the right school and/or program

The first step to being a student or studying in the United States as an immigrant is making sure the school is a participant of the Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP).  However, the Department of Homeland Security must also grant you approval.

Exchange visitor and student information is managed in the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS). The SEVIS is an Internet-based system that manages detailed, exact, and current information on visa holding non-immigrant students. It’s overwhelming, so its important to work with a lawyer to help make sense of it all and proceed correctly.

  • Going through the application process

After your acceptance into a SEVP school, you will need to obtain and submit other applications and documents. These documents are needed in order to prove your submitted information, pay any fees to the DHS, as well as go through the interview process. A lawyer will help you know what to do and ensure you overcome any obstacles you face during the process.

  • Preparing you for the interview

You will have an interview prior to receiving a student visa. In this interview, you must demonstrate that you accurately meet student visa requirements. A student visa lawyer will help you prepare for this interview, so there aren’t any surprises.

  • Understanding campus and off-campus employment

F-1 students may be employed part-time on campus while school is in session.  They also may be employed full-time during vacations as well as during recess periods (as long as you are going to register for the next school term). M-1 students may be employed as long as their employment pertains to their vocational schooling/training. To ensure you aren’t risking deportation with employment while you are here as a student, it is important to work with a student visa lawyer.

  • Submitting the appropriate application and documentation

In order to get a student visa, F-1 or M-1, you will need to submit multiple forms, personal information, and documentation. Get it all done correctly and in a timely fashion with the help of a student visa lawyer.

  • Extending or changing your status

You may need to extend your stay longer than you originally planned.  Acceptable reasons to extend your stay may include: furthering your education or changing your non-immigrant status. In these situations, an immigration lawyer can be very helpful.

Obtaining an education in the United States is an exciting opportunity with great potential for you as a student. Because the process for applying for a student visa is so complex, it makes sense to seek out a qualified student visa lawyer to walk you through the process.  We can answer any questions and ensure you are taking the right steps for success. For a complimentary, confidential consultation about a student visa, call the Lee Law Firm at (404) 892-8300.