If you’re thinking about getting a working visa in USA, there are a few things you should be aware of with regards to the current social and political climate. Upcoming presidential elections, recent bouts of terrorism, and the refugee crisis are all playing a unique role in today’s visa system. Here’s an update on how this may impact you and your application for a working visa in USA.

Presidential Hopefuls Calling For Increased H-1B Scrutiny

Many of the Republican nominees, including Donald Trump, are advocating for an increased scrutiny on visa candidates, as well as an introduction of new laws regarding prevailing wages and prioritization of workers. Mr. Trump is interested in raising the prevailing wage paid on skilled worker visas, and also introducing a requirement that employers in the U.S. hire American workers first.

Both of these would, in theory, reduce the attractiveness of bringing in talent from other countries, and force employers to focus on hiring closer to home. It would also narrow the pool of foreign candidates significantly, focusing only on those with the highest level of skills, or most esoteric skill sets.

Other candidates went a step further during the primaries, suggesting denial of all immigrant and visa applications if they came from countries in which there is a documented jihadi movement. However, no bills have been introduced advocating this approach as of now.

Regardless, increased scrutiny is a hot topic and likely to be a continued theme during the primaries and upcoming elections.

Terrorism And The Impact On Visa Reviews

The reaction to the recent San Bernardino shootings, as well as the attacks in Paris, have brought new scrutiny and pressure on the entire visa process. While outright denial is only in the rhetoric stage, there are bills being introduced to increase scrutiny unilaterally on applicants’ social media postings and social media history.

It was found, during the course of the investigation, the San Bernardino shooters had made remarks on social media which likely would have resulted in denial of their application. However, because social media was not part of the current review process, it went undiscovered.

Working Visa In USA Applicants From Countries Designated As A State Sponsor Of Terrorism

Many people wonder if citizens coming from Iran, Sudan and Syria will be treated differently during the working visa in USA process. According to the government, all embassies and consulates have the same standards for working visa in USA application and review. However, if you’re coming from one of the three countries listed as State Sponsors of Terrorism, you must be interviewed directly by a consular officer; there are virtually no instances in which your interview would be waived.

However, future legislation could change that treatment policy. See our previous section on the political themes focused on introducing increased scrutiny, or outright application denial.

Don’t Lose Hope: We Can Help You Get Your Working Visa In USA.

While it may seem like the deck is increasingly stacked against people hoping to obtain a working visa in the USA, the process itself still hasn’t changed much. While the paperwork is long, involved, and filling it out can seem painful, there are professionals available who can help you apply for a working visa in USA at each step along the way.

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