If you desire or need to come into the United States for employment purposes, you will likely need assistance in obtaining approval. Many good employment opportunities in the U.S. call up the sponsorship of a U.S. employer. Therefore, if you are seeking employment in the U.S., you must have an employer who is intending to hire on a long-term basis; temporary work does not qualify. The employer you approach is also obligated to receive approval from the United States Department of Labor and/or the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), contingent on your situation. In some cases, an employment immigrant may self-sponsor.

Most employment immigration cases have separate steps that are required to gain approval. The Program Electronic Review Management (PERM) is a process for applying for a Labor Certification Application. The PERM process was created by the Department of Labor to simplify and bring together the filing and processing of employment certifications for workers of other nationalities. Another step is the potential employer filing an immigrant petition with the USCIS. The steps following either or both of the above depend on each individual case.

Immigration Employment Requirements

It is important to remember that when coming to the U.S. for employment, there are various requirements as well as various options:

  • Every case requires filing a petition with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services.
  • Many immigration employment cases include the obligation of the employer offering a long-term position; though permanent employment is available overtime if proper procedures are followed.
  • Based on specific qualifications, self sponsorship is available.
  • Visits based on business purposes are permitted if the proper visa is obtained, or if you qualify for permission to enter the U.S. through the Visa Waiver Program.

How Lee & Peynado Immigration Law Group Can Help You

Lee & Peynado Immigration Law Group is able to take measure of possible immigration employment options for employers in the United States who desire to sponsor foreign employees as well as provide help to immigration employment hopefuls. We provide thorough and complete representation though the entire immigration employment process. Our immigration attorneys are fully able to access options, opportunities, create case strategies, and represent petitioners as well as applicants from beginning to end of each individual immigration employment case.

Regardless of the situation, it is important to understand that immigration employment proceedings can be vastly complicated. The immigration representation team from Lee & Peynado Immigration Law Group is able to assist the movement of employment in the United States from other countries by finding out which visa classification is correct for you, and helping you with the immigration employment application or change of status.

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