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What benefits does DACA have?

On Behalf of | Dec 22, 2021 | Immigration Law

The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, enacted by the then-President in 2012, changed the game for many undocumented immigrants in the country. It allowed for these undocumented immigrants to work, live, and attend school in America legally.

Many people brought into the country as children have gotten to take advantage of DACA. They not only improve their own lives but also the lives of their family and of the society they live in and contribute to.

Educational benefits

The Center for American Progress discusses the many benefits reported from those directly impacted by DACA. The study initially reported on educational benefits thanks to DACA. Of all DACA recipients, around 30.4 percent of respondents currently attended school. Of those, 91 percent stated that it would have remained impossible to pursue these educational goals without the help of DACA.

Financial gains

DACA also helped with financial gains. 63 percent of respondents stated they gained jobs with higher pay thanks to their DACA status. Over half also stated that their new jobs had better work conditions and benefits than their previous jobs. Over 50 percent also stated that their current jobs aligned with their long-term goals and overall qualifications in a better way than jobs of the past.

Finally, DACA helped with matters of vehicle and home ownership. 65.1 percent of respondents said they could buy their first vehicle due to DACA. Meanwhile, 20.4 percent could buy houses thanks to the increase in pay that getting a job with DACA status granted.

With these gains, DACA recipients have turned around and helped their own families, loved ones and communities, growing into strong and contributing members of society.