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What should I bring to an asylum interview?

On Behalf of | Jun 26, 2022 | Immigration Law

Seeking asylum in the United States may help you escape persecution in your home country. Completing an asylum interview is an important part of the asylum process. Keep in mind that the USCIS will require you to bring certain documents and even individuals to the interview.

The USCIS describes some common requirements for an asylum interview. This information should help you prepare for your interview in advance.

Identifying and supporting documents

The U.S. government wants you to have identification documents at your interview. These include your travel documents and any passports that you have. You should also bring a Form I-94 if you acquired it upon entering the United States. Also include the original versions of documents you had submitted with your Form I-589, like your marriage certificate or birth certificate.

If you have not submitted documents that support your claim, have those papers available at the interview. In addition, you may bring copies of information you have already sent to the USCIS just in case the asylum office is missing some of your documents.

Family members who are derivatives

If you have included family members as derivatives in your application for asylum, they must accompany you to the interview. Your relatives should bring their own supporting documents, including their travel and identity papers. However, family members who are not derivatives do not need to attend the interview.

An interpreter

Not all asylum seekers speak English well. If you struggle with the English language, you can have an interpreter present at the interview to translate the questions into your language and your answers back into English.

An attorney

While the U.S. government does not require you to bring an attorney to the interview, you may do so if you wish. However, you and whoever represents you at the interview must submit a Form G-28 so your representative can attend the interview with you.

Given that asylum candidates have differing circumstances, it is important to pay attention to any specific requirements that apply to you. Passing an asylum interview could be the gateway to a new and prosperous life in the United States.