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What is immigration and what are the US policies?

On Behalf of | Jun 5, 2023 | Immigration Law

There has been no formal link between immigrants from any location and crime. However, certain countries of origin can make it difficult for individuals to seek citizenship in the United States.

Since immigrants face discrimination in almost every aspect of their life, people must learn more about what counts as an immigrant and the laws in the US.


The term “immigrant” originated in the seventeenth century to refer to anyone crossing national borders in non-military pursuits. Today, this is the term that countries receiving migrants use. The place people leave behind sees these individuals as emigrants.


Between 2000 and 2015, there was a significant increase in immigrants arriving in the US. They come from a variety of countries worldwide. However, the US receives the most migrants of any country globally.


The federal government controls immigration law. The US Citizenship and Immigration Services sets laws regarding immigrants’ rights. These note that officials can only detain immigrants for legitimate reasons. Additionally, the US government strives to protect people from unjust punishments and lengthy detentions. That means places must provide suitable conditions for incarcerated individuals. However, these laws are not always followed. Many types of aid are often withheld from immigrants.

The results are the reason that human rights activists get involved. The treatment of migrants often violates human rights. Places that export cheap sources of labor have advocated for protecting migrant workers. However, the US has not ratified this agreement. According to US policies, individuals have freedom of movement only if they come into the country legally.

The US allows for a specific number of immigrants per year. Anyone wishing to become a citizen should apply to come into the country legally for the best results.