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The importance of a timely change of status

On Behalf of | Aug 13, 2023 | Immigration Law

An immigration visa remains valid for a limited time. As an immigrant, maintaining your visa status is an important part of preserving your right to stay in the country. If your situation changes and you need to modify your visa status, you file a change of status application.

Failure to file your change of status in a timely manner can leave you facing potential deportation. Consider a few key points for a successful change of status.

Apply on time

A change of status application takes time to process. File your change of status as soon as possible, especially if your current visa expiration date is approaching. Submit the change of status application before your current visa expires to help preserve your legal status during the consideration process.

Ask about an extension

You might need to file an extension on your visa while you wait for your change of status application. Overstaying your visa without an extension or consideration for pending paperwork can lead to legal complications.

Keep your documentation

Keep copies of your records, including the change of status application, in case of any questions. You may reach a point where your visa expires while waiting for an application decision. Proof of your pending application protects your status in the country in the meantime.

File your change of status right away to ensure compliance with immigration laws in the process. The more proactive you are about the process, the easier it is to secure your status and your legal presence in the country.